A Word About Our Products...

At Well Seasoned Table we only use the freshest, most flavorful herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruit possible for our products.  The recipe behind each product has come out of the creative culinary mind of Sarah Wickers, the owner of Well Seasoned Table.  Each recipe is tested extensively to insure that it is deliciously unique and will truly bring out the flavors of your food. Our artisanal seasonings, infused sugars & sea salts, and our fabulous teas are all made in small batches to insure you receive the freshest product possible.


The ingredients for our products are sourced from a variety of places, but the first place we go is...out our front door.  We have a small farm where we grow many of the herbs, vegetables, and fruits that go into our products.  Our next source is from wild harvesting from the mountains that we reside in.  We also get some of the fruit for our sugars from South Florida.  Sarah was born and raised there and has a source for organically grown mangoes, oranges, starfruit, lemons, and limes.  Whatever ingredients we are not able to grow, or wild harvest we get from companies that provides us with freshly dried certified organic herbs & spices.  


We take great pride in our products and think that they are truly unique, and will create a Well Seasoned Table for you.