To commemorate my father, who passed away last month, we have created Salt of the Earth. Starting today (May 8th), which would have been his 96th brithday, through Father's Day (June 21st) 100% of the gross sales of this product will go to Pine Jog Environmental Education Center.


My Dad volunteered for countless hours on his bobcat, donating material from his nursery, and consulting on other projects for Pine Jog for as far back as I can remember. The center's mission is to develop, provide and model environmental education programs in order to promote an understanding of the earth and its inhabitants. From the beginning, the philosophy of Pine Jog has been to nurture the ability of students to observe and to evaluate their relationship with the natural environment. Pine Jog is an outstanding success story, not only because of its educational contributions to the community but primarily due to the efforts of many people who care and contributed time and money to the continued existence of a place, and the enduring philosophy of preservation, protection and promoting awareness of our natural environment.


***Please note that we are in pre-sales of this product. As soon as it is available we will ship or deliver it to you. The recipe for this product is still being developed, but rest assured it will be AMAZING!***


'Salt of the Earth' Tropical Grilling Rub