October 20, 2017

April 22, 2017

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"Fried" Cajun Fish & Wild Green Goddess Grits w/charred ramps & tomato shiitake gravy

April 10, 2020

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Pistashio Rose Shortbread Cookies

February 14, 2020


Show your taste buds some love this Valentine’s day with these naturally dyed pistachio-rose cookies featuring our Rose Sugar! Heart-opening rose teams up with crunchy pistachios, and a surprise ingredient, to create a show-stopping pink shortbread. 


Creating a cookie crust is an eye-catching way to use our artisanally-infused sugars. The rose sugar gives these cookies a crunchy pink crust along with an extra dose of rose flavor. Why use plain sugar when you can use flower-infused sugar?!


The breathtaking pink icing is naturally dyed with our surprise ingredient, fresh beets! Beets are a healthy swap for the red food coloring that is found in so many recipes this time of year. Luckily beets do the job just as well without all the synthetic color. Thanks to a quick steep you’ll never know there were beets anywhere near the cookies - they taste and smell like heavenly roses and pistachios! 


These are definitely spectacular cookies! Not only are they gorgeous, but they are insanely tasty! These cookies were a sensational hit at our local cookie swap!